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Statements from our guests...


Thank you for having us. We had a terrific stay here and lived in "Grand Suite"! Very well equipped apartment and good beds, a search far. :) Was lucky to get a tour of the church, renaissance garden and museum + a hike to Lurøy Mountain yesterday. Well satisfied !!

- Yours Arne Jacobsen and Kirsti Eilertsen, bikers island hopping

February 3 - 4, 2020,

Thank you for having us.Here everything was arranged for 1 good night in this nice house.

- Greetings Astri and Hans Johansen

September 12, 2019

Thank you so much for a pleasant stay!Only a short stop, but the homely feeling we take with us on the DKS tour.

- Best regards from Matias, Seda, Jonas, Nils, Christina, and Petronella

A great trip with a great crew. 4 b from Gruben primary school had a great cozy time on the "Luxury Hotel" as they call it :) For a breathtaking host who welcomed us with open arms and arranged everything. THANK YOU!! :)

- Thanks you for this wonderful time. Susanne, Lena, Oliver, Stig Arne, Tommy, Elisabeth

Thank you for nice days when we were here in connection with "knitting festival".

- Greeting us from the knitting- cafe in Mo i Rana


22 - 23/10 2019

Thanks for us - good to sing and sleep in this great house!

- Greetings Nesna Songlag

September 2, 2018,
Cousins Hit

A good bunch is gathered in layers of laughter, good food (quote from Frank: "The food was perfect") - and many memories. For the 11th time we were together and the atmosphere has been on the roof. (good ceiling height) Everyone appreciated the good beds and linens.

- Kenneth, Helen, Silje, Sissel, Frank, Kitty Lise, Karin Johanne, Torill, Odd, Ragnhild Eli

Thanks for having me and for a great weekend at this year's first summer days - the first in 2015. Very comfty bed, nice company and sun on the balcony. Perfect!!

- Inger Nordhøy

I was visiting Rådhusplassen Hotel the summer of 2014. We used the kitchen and enjoyed a great dinner at our class reunion and had a wonderful time. Nice clean rooms and pleasant service.

- Helga Risøy

Statements from our guests...