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Contact Us for booking or more information:

Rådhusplassen Motel
Phone: +47 911 57 725
Email: torill.nordas@gmail.com
Address: 8766 Lurøy, Norway

Lurøy Marina
Phone: +47 974 60129
Email: torill.nordas@gmail.com
Address: 8766 Lurøy, Norway

How to get here:
You must take the sea route either by car-ferry, speedboat-liner or private shuttle to get to Lurøy/Onøy. Car ferry M / F "Lurøy" runs between Stokkvågen, Onøy, Sleneset and Lovund. Speedboat-liner M / S "Helgeland" runs from Sandnessjøen, Nesna, Stokkvågen, Onøy and further out to Træna. Nordland Express runs from Bodø to Sandnessjøen and attending Onøy on tour. The smaller speedboat-liner M / S "Nesøy" runs daily between Stokkvågen, Aldra, Kvarøy, Hestmona, Sørnesøy and Onøy. There are also buses from Mo i Rana to Stokkvågen.

Check the schedule here:

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